The technique used in the manufacturing of the Traditional Panels of Tile does not differ much from its origin, in the XV century, the reason why we call them ¨Traditional¨, besides the design with motives of the Portuguese culture and tradition.
It consists on :
Design perforated (all tracing and contour) on translucent paper and transferred to the tile with the use of a graphite powder doll.
As for painting, the contour lines of the design are firstly drawn and the inside is them filled with collor.
Tile is fired in a kiln under 1,000º Celsius.
Cooling must be gradual.
To avoid sticking of the tiles in the kiln, tiles are stacked on vertical tile setters.
After firing, glaze becomes a glassy, shining and impervious surface where colours are fixed and fused, giving a permanent finish.
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